The Best in All Aspects of Airspace Systems Support -
Design, Analysis, Improvement, Training and Maintenance
Founded by Nelson Spohnheimer, a nationally respected Navigation Aids (NAVAIDS) engineer,
Spohnheimer Consulting is a group of well known retired FAA engineers, known as subject matter
experts in their individual disciplines.
The firm's expertise and principle activities are centered on extremely critical elements of the United
States National Airspace System (NAS) facilities; i.e., Communications, Navigation,
RADAR/Surveillance, and Power Distribution Systems.

Specifically, the firm is involved primarily in:

  • Siting and Site Testing
  • Facility Design and Installation
  • Analysis, Troubleshooting, and On-Site Improvement of Facility Performance
  • Training for FAA and Military Engineers and Technicians
  • Spectrum Management Functions - Frequency Selection, Radio Frequency Interference
  • Technical Support of FAA Form 7460 Issues
Spohnheimer Consulting
Spohnheimer Consulting
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